Why Hills Pet Food?

I’ll tell you why…..

The brand, ‘Hills Pet Food is all about pet nutrition. See, it’s easy to want a puppy, easy to adopt a puppy but maintaining a pet on the inside is just as crucial to maintaining your pet on the outside. You have to match your furry friends daily activity with the amount of daily activity that their breed warrants. I found that my husky needed about 4 walks a day and a whole lot of ball chasing to keep her muscles strong and her fat content low. The less activity she had for a dog her size, the fatter she’d get and whenever she gained weight, her hips suffered big time, as did her breathing. She was a beautiful soul and is sorely missed. There is absolutely no denying that such loyal and loving beings deserve to be given the proper care and activity that they need. It is not fair to keep a dog in doors all day and only let him or her out for bowel purposes. Smelling is how the SEE the world and getting out and about helps to keep them connected. Think about how much love your pet shows toward you. How happy they get when you walk through the front door. How they listen when you speak to them. Do you not think that these animals who are capable of feeling love and excitement are not also capable of feeling loneliness? isolation? or fear? Of course they are. It is so important that we honour that trust and that kind of love by looking after them and ensuring that their bones, skin, fur, teeth and brain function are just as taken care of as their daily activity is.

That’s why I love what ‘Hills Pet Food’ do. Their food is specifically formulated to meet the needs of your dogs AGE, SIZE and SENSITIVITY. It is not just about shoving the cheapest off cuts of meat into a can  for this company. They genuinely care about what goes into your fury friends body and they should! In a world that is so hell bent on focusing on their own ambitions regardless of the potential damage to others, the world or animals, it is great to have a brand that still puts the interest of their target consumer before their own pockets. I think a round of …. Apaws… is in order! lol

One of THE fantastic offers that the Hill brand has come up with is a food diet for pets suffering from a variety of ailments. Its called; ‘The Hill’s Prescription Diet’ and it offers a wide range of clinically proven nutritional solutions to suit your pets specific requirements including therapeutic food for skin conditions, kidney disease, mobility problems, gastrointestinal disorders, and obesity.

The true power of their brand lies in their ingredients that are balanced together for maximum impact on flavour, nutrients and vitamin intake with the sole purpose of providing a balanced nutritional diet for your furry friend. Each recipe is optimised with over 50 nutrients.

The Nutritional philosophy at the Hills headquarters where the magic happens is as follows:

Whether it’s conducting industry-leading research, analysing nutrient levels in each of our products or selecting optimal ingredients for your pet’s health, Hill’s is driven by science results you can see – in every little transformation. At our global Pet Nutrition Centre our 900+ cats and dogs help us to better develop food for pets like yours. Guided by science, we formulate our food with precise balance so your pet gets all the nutrients they need — and none they don’t. With 220+ veterinarians, PhD nutritionists and food scientists, we develop breakthrough innovations for your pet’s health.”  

To read more about how they formulate your dogs food, click the link here.




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