Leads, food and the GEM store of Pet Accessories!

Are you prepared for your new family member?  Lets talk about leads baby! and food, and harnesses….. all the sexy stuff…….Rrrrrrrooof!

First things first. Find out from the shelter or breeding home what they have been feeding your puppy prior to purchase and go and buy that dog food. Phase your chosen pet food into their food over a period of about 2 weeks. If you change the type of food they have been eating as soon as you take them home, you could be looking at a little pup with a very upset tum and if they arent house trained yet….. well, you get the stinking idea.

Petflow.com has a variety of food brands suited to match the diet and nutrition that your breed of pet needs that can be set up to be delivered as often as you choose! It is great to have this type of control because life can get busy and having one less chore to worry about can make being a pet parent a little less stressful.

Hills is also a great brand of pet food rooted in pet nutrition for bones, fur, teeth and brain function all catered to your dogs breed, size and activity. Important stuff when considering what to feed them. A healthy dog will save you vet pennies so be smart when you make this choice.

I have found the GEM of a store that sells the most darling pet accessories! I am absolutely melting over the tweed collar and bow tie set and don’t get me started on the personalised Barrel Lead Hook! Notonthehighstreet is a fantastic gift store if you are ever stuck on what to buy for a friend because if they are pet parents, they won’t even notice that the gifts arent primarily for them. This store is THE place to shop for reasonably priced quality leads, harnesses and pet accessories. I have yet to find another store that got my tail wagging as much as this shop did when I first came across it on my internet browsing adventure.

www.gowalkies.org The Percy & co tweed collar and bow tie set. Adorable!


The Percy & Co series offer a very country style lifestyle look  with the tweed but they do have an extensive range with a more modern choice selection as does the Charlie & Boo collection. Both are equally charming but for those who have an old fashioned heart such as mine, it’s tweed all the way so Percy wins and yes, I would totally pay £50 to see my dog wear a bow tie!


www.gowalkies.org        I just died. This personalised Barrel Lead Hook just tied me to this store forever. That’s it. I imprinted. Let’s have babies and bind this commitment notonthehighstreet.


Have you shopped here before? Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are for the best place to buy leads and collars that are on this level of pedigree!

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