Paw Prints and Muddy Puddles

Hello friends!

I don’t know about all of you but this wet storm that is sticking to Carterton like bad breath to gum disease is not my idea of a wet dream. I think any pet parent who has carpets and dogs, knows the pain I am talking about.

As I type this I am currently looking after my 2 step children, Bruno and Lady. Pure bred poodles with selective hearing. Bruno is a proper, curly haired poodle. Dark, proud with big brown eyes that are hidden by a fringe of curly hair and ears. Lady, looks nothing like a poodle. She is dark like Bruno but her fur is sleek and smooth. She is dainty and looks just like a fox. She is as flexible and as fast as a fox too and she is quite the handful. The crazy weather makes for their outdoor needs a full blown task. Having to wipe down paws caked in rain and mud. I wish there were poodle wellies out there that were comfortable enough for them to wear just on days like this when the wind is howling and the raindrops are fat, unavoidable bullets of cold water. If you have carpets like me, and you have pets you will know what a bugger it can be to clean them especially when caked in dark brown earth. I had Lady shoot through the backdoor like a One Direction fan before I even had the chance to wipe her down and my living room, stairs and bedroom paid a muddy price. Half way through scrubbing my frustrated tears and mud out the stairs I heard the back door slide open again. In my womanly panic to get to the mud before it sinks in I had left the back door unlocked and my dutiful toddler decided to let the dogs in and out again. Well, up they flew on the stairs again mixing more earth with the wet water and soap on my light carpets and as I sat there like a modern day Cinderella scrubbing and crying (don’t judge me)  I realised I needed a better solution than hot water and washing powder to get the mud out because the washing powder just left a white looking after stain on the carpet instead of a brown one.

I do not profess to have a large amount of money so, what can one use in these dirty situations? Does any one have any good tips and ideas on the best homemade or bought solution for muddy paw prints in light carpeting? What do you do in preparation to avoid muddy paw prints on your carpet? Do you pick your baby up and wash their feet every single time you let them out? Do you know of a store that sells specialised wellies that I don’t know about yet? Share your dirty secrets with us in the comments below!

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