4 Human Foods You Can Feed Your Pet

Some human foods can have a dangerous affect on dogs and for an unlucky few, you wont know they are lactose intolerant UNTIL you know, they are lactose intolerant. It is easy to give into those big pleading eyes that stare at your plate in a way that you always imagined Tom Hardy would stare at you if only he knew where to look.

So what are some of the finer shnaks in life that you can feed your friend? Lets examine some of them shall we.


Say what? Yerp, you heard me. Pumpkin is loaded with vitamins that promote a shiny coat AND work as a natural remedy for upset tummies. In fact, if your dog is experiencing constipation OR diarrhoea you can mix a table spoon of pumpkin straight from a can into their normal food. They love the taste of pumpkin and it will help with these kinds of stomach issues. It is a good idea to only give your dog small quantities to avoid adding too much fibre into your dogs diet.



Apples are a low calorie treat for your pet. A source of vitamins A, C and dietary fibre they help keep your dogs teeth clean and freshen their breath. Two slices of apple serve as 10% of your dogs daily calorie intake so two slices a day is more than enough. Try adding this to a complete and balanced diet with Hills Ideal Balance and No Grain Chicken Dog Food.  This brand of food targets overall health, immunity, skin, coat and digestion. No need to go out looking for it either as they make it simple enough to be able to order online.



Your pet benefits from the Omega-3 fatty acids in salmon just like we do. It is such an extra special treat to dig into that crispy salmon skin for them. Salmon can decrease inflammation, keep your dogs coat looking healthy and shiny and supports their immune system. Salmon is a common ingredient in high quality pet foods because it is a great source of protein. It is important to note that the salmon you are feeding your pet NOT BE RAW but thoroughly cooked. Raw salmon can contain a parasite that can make your dog sick. Do not take the risk. Some other fish that are beneficial to your dogs nutrition is: Tuna, whitefish, cod and hank.

Also, a proper serving of salmon for your dog should not exceed more than 100 grams per ten pounds of their body weight. If you would like to make salmon a regular part of their diet, feeding them a portion a week should be good enough to maximise all of its health benefits.



Chopped, steamed, canned or even raw, all greens are safe for dogs to eat as long as they are plain and not cooked with other harmful vegetables like garlic and onions. You can supplement 10% of the volume of your pets regular canned or dry meal with green beans (fresh or canned). Pair this with a well balanced nutritional diet of dog food. Hills Pet Food makes this easy for you because they offer the best nutritional choices based on your dogs age, breed and activity so you don’t have to spend hours reading the back of labels and searching the isles for what your dog needs.

Greens are high in fibre and low in calories and is often a recommended solution for over weight dogs because fibre gives your dog the sensation of being full. A few other nutritional options are carrots, peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, and bananas which are packed with important vitamins, along with potassium, which is good for a dog’s muscles, nerves, and kidneys.

On the green bean diet, (low sodium) green beans should be baked or steamed and given in small quantities. Make sure they are cut up small enough to prevent choking and speak to your vet if you have any concerns or want to learn more about this option! It is important to always speak to your vet about any new diet you are introducing to your pet especially if they have allergies or medical problems. For example, dogs with kidney issues should avoid green beans. Green beans contain oxalates and can cause calcium oxalate crystals and stones in dogs so note that green beans are not a substitute for dog meals and nutrition. Like us, a balanced diet and lifestyle is key.  For more information by professionals on the green bean diet see this link by pet.md



Do you have any home made recipes you’d like to share with us? Hit us up in the comments. Winning recipe wins a personalised leather dog treat pouch from Notonthehighstreet, Home of thoughtful gifts.



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