The Dog House

Dog Shaming. It sounds rather serious doesn’t it? But its exactly the opposite. Think of the movie, ‘Marley and me’, as a frame by frame picture of all the hilarious things Marley chewed, chased, ate, knocked over and put his owners through. My 4 year old and I love that movie. There is something really sweet about Labradors. Dog Shaming is a new craze where owners take a picture of their dog after they have done something hilariously bad with a caption on a piece of paper or card telling us what the crime was. Kind of like a mugshot but for dogs. You can see the guilt on their faces and its just so crazy how sweet this phenomenon is. Regardless of how stinky or stomach churning the crime, these dog shaming pictures do nothing to deter anyone from bringing home a new friend. In fact, it does the opposite. It is not a repellent to those who don’t have pets at all. These pics make you want to go out and find your best friend too. Don’t believe me? Just look at these trouble makers.

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