5 Good Reasons To Adopt A Pet

Adopt a pet in need!

Why is adopting a pet in need from a shelter better than buying a puppy or kitten bred and sold for profit? No one can prove that dogs are not highly intuitive and emotional creatures. We can witness that intuition in service dogs and that emotion in those same dogs whose fierce love and loyalty to their owners would have them jumping into deep waters to save their owners from drowning or attacking an intruder in defence of their forever family. In fact, dogs are the only pets, that love their owners more than they love themselves and adopting a pet from a shelter is such a wonderful gift to give a lost or abandoned pet that they reward that gift with an eternal devotion and an uncompromising and unconditional love.

Are dogs emotional creatures?

Dogs are so in tune with their surroundings and can pick up on human emotions like stress and sadness. To asses danger, service dogs can be trained. How incredible that they can see a car hitting you if you take a step in the wrong direction before you’ve even realised it. Pet-owners can witness that their pets show them love and compassion when they are sad or in distress and dogs are known for jumping into deep waters and trying to rescue their owners when they feel they are in danger of drowning.

Thank God for those who have made it their career and passion to save the lives of animals. Thank God for even the smallest mercies that have shown an unwanted, flea ridden, malnourished, unwashed, terrified, living animal; HOPE.

So many great Reasons to adopt.

There are many great reasons to adopt. Some potential adopters worry that the dog has suffered too much and won’t take to training. However, in most shelters, these pets are placed in experienced foster homes with experienced pet owners/trainers. These experienced foster homes gain the trust of the pet, house train them and get them into regular routines in preparation for adoption.

Speak to your local Shelter today about becoming a foster home for those pets in need of routine and training. Find out what the requirements are, tell your friends about it and have them tell their friends about it. There are so many animals in need of love, time and a good routine in preparation for adoption. There are too many homeless, lost and hurting animals for the Shelters to train, support and maintain without our support.




In the UK 21 dogs are euthanized a day and even though it’s a procedure that’s fast and painless for animals, it is heartbreaking for the caring shelter workers who must perform it.

Adopt a pet  

I have never met a dog without a personality. I have never met a pet without character. They are each so exquisitely unique in their own way. Any pet owner can describe to you their dogs individual personality. They can tell you the likes and dislikes of their pet as if talking about their own children. When you adopt a pet from a shelter, you adopt a personality. You adopt a unique character. Putting them to sleep, is such a waste of  joy these pets bring into your home. Everyday is an adventure and they will love you through it all.



Experienced staff run shelters. This means proper vaccinations and behavioural screening processes for all animals admitted to their care. Shelters will have a vet partner or several vet partners to help assist with health care issues and concerns. This is great news for anyone looking to adopt a pet from a shelter. You have already saved yourself some pennies and can feel safe in the knowledge that your new furever friend is up-to-date on vaccinations and health issues.

adopting a pet



Adoption fees are much less than buying from a breeder and I know some people disagree that there should be an adoption fee but this small fee helps with the costs of keeping the shelter running. In reality, you pay far less than the cost of puppies or kittens sold and bred for profit.



Every animal admitted to a shelter is given a detailed behavioural and temperament assessment. When you adopt your pet, you leave knowing absolutely all you need to know about what your pet needs in terms of nutrition, exercise and care.

Hills pet food is specifically tailored to your dogs breed, size and activity levels. They are the leading pet food brand when it comes to nutrition for your pet.


5. ADOPT A PET IN NEED: Pugs to Great Danes, they wait in all sizes and ages.

On average, a shelter can take anywhere between 9 to 13 pets a day and for this reason you will find an extensive range of dogs at any given shelter to adopt. So if you are interested in a specific breed of dog you should contact your shelter and leave them your name with your contact details. Have them call you when that specific breed arrives in need of a home. I prefer adopting older dogs. I find them better trained and more understanding of my lazy days in.


Do you have an amazing adoption story you’d like to share with our readers?

Email us at: Dig2walk@gmail.com and allow us to write a feature piece on your story and share it with our readers on social. You never know who you could inspire to take that step and adopt a furever friend from their local shelter!


If you are interested in adopting a pet in need, here are some links to great shelters where your furever friend could be waiting.



If people are concerned about an animal’s welfare they can either call on the Cruelty and Advice Hotline on 0300 123 4999 or contact us via www.rspca.org.uk/myrspca . Call the 24-hour cruelty line on 0300 1234 999 to report cruelty or an animal in distress.

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