Be a decent hoooman

I consider myself a relatively considerate hooman bean. Yes, I know I spelled that like an idiot. I meant to. Raising a toddler and I have forgotten how to speak like an adult, which kind of helps when I’m around dogs because.. they get me now. Speaking toddler is like speaking dog. Now, I know I live in the ‘Cancel Culture’ era and God forbid I should offend anyone but you know what, just read my flippen post man. Irrigate those ideas that keep your brain on hyper speed at night.

This post is part of my ‘Rant’ section. Designed to fumigate my anger directed at people or pet owners who practise the art of mimicking a right poo. I recently had a good friend of mine look after her neighbours dogs. Now, as a mother myself, to a hooman bean, whenever I arrange for my bean to be looked after by a friend, I take the time to de-flea him (lol) and make sure he doesn’t turn up smelling like an old sock and believe me, I’m a mom to a boy. The smells are strong with these ones. Anyway, my rant is, now my friend who is looking after these dogs, out of the goodness of her heart, and also because she is dying to photo shoot them for her new blog, has a house that not only smells like toddler, but smells like sock. Wet. Sock. She tried bathing the smelly one and now she smells like the smelly one and apparently head and shoulders doesn’t work on dogs. He still smells. As do her carpets, bedding and sofa and she is not pleased about it. Clearly, he hasn’t been groomed in a while which is not a judgement on the owner, I know life gets busy BUT if you are having someone look after your pet in their own home, please be considerate and have your dog washed and groomed before arrival. Unless of course the place you are leaving them offers a grooming service like with a specialised Home-Boarding business.

Also the bath was not up for question when upon taking the fur babies for a walk, one peed on the others head and the other had poop stuck to hisĀ  butt. I don’t know, but a dual lead once seemed like a good idea but that was before I witnessed the above crime. And you know dogs shake when they get wet, as if my daily life with a toddler doesn’t include enough wee and poo, (including a song called, ‘Mr Poo please come out my bum’ whenever said toddler goes to poop) well let’s just say life picked up its game.

Be considerate pet-parents.

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