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Chicken & Raspberry Dog Treat

  Did you know that your pet doesn’t just smell what you’re cooking as a collective. They smell every ingredient inside your pot. Where you see a pot of mince, a dogs nose could...

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Paw Prints and Muddy Puddles

Hello friends! I don’t know about all of you but this wet storm that is sticking to Carterton like bad breath to gum disease is not my idea of a wet dream. I think...


Be a decent hoooman

I consider myself a relatively considerate hooman bean. Yes, I know I spelled that like an idiot. I meant to. Raising a toddler and I have forgotten how to speak like an adult, which...

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The Dog House

Dog Shaming. It sounds rather serious doesn’t it? But its exactly the opposite. Think of the movie, ‘Marley and me’, as a frame by frame picture of all the hilarious things Marley chewed, chased,...


Why Hills Pet Food?

I’ll tell you why….. The brand, ‘Hills Pet Food‘ is all about pet nutrition. See, it’s easy to want a puppy, easy to adopt a puppy but maintaining a pet on the inside is...


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